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Is anyone using freeware to remove backgrounds from images? I have been using transparent-background lately but with mixed success. In particular, when the background is removed, I get a harsh line around the foreground, which does not allow me basically to paste it onto another image.
I am not looking for solution to the problem of this particular piece of Python software here but was wondering what other g’mic users use to remove backgrounds, preferably freeware - and the software should be suitable to process larger images, sich as 20 megapixels upwards.

Hi, @Helmut_Kaufmann

There are numerous solutions out there for removing backgrounds, including AI assisted options:


and the like; personally, I tend to use a simple GIMP script (independent of GMIC) for most stuff.

From experience, though, I’d say you’re likely to get ‘mixed results’ regardless of which method you use — all of them are great for doing the bulk of the work (or even all of it for simple images), but you’ll often find that a final manual touch up is required in a lot of cases.

Thank you @martbetz. And all of them seem to have the same challenge… I try to remove a black background and always get too soft transitions, which end up being a black line around the foreground.

What sort of GIMP script are you using?

I’m away from my desktop machine at present, but I’ll forward the script details (or even the script itself) on to you when get back — may at least be worth a try.

Thanks a lot and have a great day!

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I have given backgroundremover a longer try and with -m u2net_human_seg -a -ae 15 I get some really good results. I also understood that backgroundremover implements the u2net model as referenced in the U2Net software above, just use -m u2net but that did not perform as well as `u2net_human_seg`` when I tried to remove someone in a jeans photographed against a black/dark background.

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I cannot comment on this I am Affinity Photo user.

No problem. Just preempting in case it becomes a GIMP discussion. On second thought, I will add #python and move this to #software.

Just a note: this is a site for open-source software. Freeware is something different.

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