[trick] change the display of the pipette

Hi everyone, I didn’t find this tip in the rawpedia or in the wiki help so I suggest it to you. If you want to change the display of the values ​​of the pipette, nothing could be simpler. Once your pipette point has been placed, click on the value of the pipette window using a [Shift click] to scroll through these

When you click on the RGB, LAB or LCH values ​​located under the thumbnail of the current photo you can change its display mode (0-255,% etc …). These values ​​are found in the values ​​of the pipette thumbnail

If finally, you want to change the size of your sample, Ctrl + mouse wheel over the eyedropper values ​​window to vary the size. Look at the difference between the two samples on this capture

Maybe more video speaking

Enjoy!! :innocent:


I did know about changing values and color model but i didn’t know about the size. I would be nice to be able to grab and area like in DT and have it restrict the histogram to that area …then with parades or waveforms you could tweak a certain area in your image but as for picker function this is awesome…

I use the crop tool for that but that is not completely satisfactory.
example: you want to correct the skin tone.