Trouble with color mapping module

Anyone having trouble with this module? Whenever I try applying colors for target image Darktable shuts down. It seems pretty straightforward how to use this module, just wondering if I am doing something wrong. I realize Davies Media Design just posted a video on YouTube about this module but it didn’t help.

What OS? What version of dakrtable? Is there a log from the crash? Do you have openCL turned on?

Windows 10 and version 3.4.0. Log from crash and openCL turned on I am not sure how to check on these things.

You can see an OpenCL checkbox in the Settings page.

When dt crashes, does it say “Log written to …”?

OpenCL “not available” and no log written.

If you run DT from the command line with -d all added after the program name it will run a debug all . The log is in an obscure place…User\appdata\local\Microsoft\Windows\Inetcache\darktable…or something like this…that is where you will find the log…after you trigger the crash…

What module are you using that makes it crash?

I think when using the colormapping module from the title…

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Yes while I am using the color mapping module.

It’s a known bug, see
It has been fixed in the development version. Due to technical problem, I am not sure the fix will land in DT 3.4.1, more likely in 3.6

Well alright, there’s the answer. Thank you MacroNex. I’m guessing the reason Michael Davies and others aren’t having problems is that they aren’t using Windows.

Ya it works fine on WIndows now. I 'm on a build from a day or so ago but I can confirm it crashes for me with 3.4 so its the code that is fixed and not a hardware…Its not too hard to follow the instructions and get setup to build it if you want to try…