true 10 bit color depth

I have a GPU that supports true 10-bit color depth and I’m looking to buy a monitor that supports true 10-bit color depth.

Does RawTherapee support true 10-bit color depth?

I want to make sure RawTherapee supports true 10-bit color depth before buying a new monitor since the monitor is expensive and I won’t get the benefits if RawTherapee does not support true 10-bit color depth.

Thanks for any help I can get. I tried to find the answer myself but could not so far.

Your operating system needs to be 10bit capable.

Under GPU stats you should see: Framebuffer Depth:30-Bit Colour (ARGB2101010)

Also, your GPU/new monitor connection needs to be 10bit capable - this means Display Port/HDMI

No, RT does not support 10bit, probably this would require porting to gtk4 or qt