Trying to auto-apply two instances of the same module

I’m trying to auto-apply two instances of the same module, but when I open a new image, only the first one is applied.
Int the presets tab, both have the auto-apply flag turned on:

Is this behavior as designed?

this is darktable 3.2.1

I’m not sure that’s possible but you could do it with a style. Styles can’t be auto-applied but it should be fairly simple to just apply the style to all of your images manually immediately after import.

Thanks, that will do it, despite demanding two extra mouse clicks in darkroom (not a big deal, though)
But that also forces me to switch the processing mode from scene-referred to none and then manually applying the style, every time I enter darkroom.


Better thinking, it shouldn’t: I can stay with the scene-referred mode and apply the style in append mode (just with the second instance that isn’t auto-applying).
As I did it, the style was gathering all scene-referred auto settings plus the one that isn’t auto applying.
But if I’m going to apply the style every time I enter darkroom, I can’t see much difference, either way will work.

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So, after demosaicing and before input color profile (the interval where exposure lies), we are “within the color space of the specific camera or input file”, which, as far as I remember Aurelien’s diagram showing successive compression operations along the pipe, is bigger than the display color space.
So, increasing exposure up or beyond a point where the display starts to warn you about clipping (if you toggle the clipping indicator), doesn’t actually clip the highlights, and allows filmic to recover those values that lie beyond the display space, into the display space.
Isn’t it?

That’s correct, though be aware that some modules (channel mixer) and blend modes can potentially clip this data before it reaches filmic.

lol, my last post wasn’t meant to be here, but in a private conversation where it suddenly… vanished.

Now I know where it was.

Anyway, thanks for the tip :smiley:

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