Trying to convert 32f EXR image to 16f EXR image


In Natron, I add a image READ node and connect it as source to an image WRITE node. The image reads fine. I manually set the bits to 16f in the WRITE node. Upon render, Natron writes a file of the same size as the input file. It appears to be a 32 bit file instead of a 16 bit file. Is there a bit conversion or tone mapping node I should be using between the two?

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I am noticing this too, I had an old bug similar to this…

Well I suppose this was the difference in actual physical size, not bit depth. But I am seeing your issue in the latest version of Natron. If I change the bit depth and overwrite the same file, the data footprint stays the same.

For instance I have a 32bpc image that is 436kb if I overwrite that same file as 16bpc the data footprint stays the same 436KB. If I save it with a different file name, I get a smaller data footprint of 109KB

But it seems like a similar issue with the data size having not been updated by the image size change as well from my prior bug.

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Actually testing this now, i am still seeing the prior bug as a problem as well, so that bug still is an issue. I think probably we need to file a bug for both issues now.


Thanks for checking folks. For now, I’ll try just changing the output name. I thought I had tried that already…

EDIT: Changing the output filename DOES NOT fix the problem for me. If someone has gotten this to work, could they post the network file? I’ll change the filenames and see if it works for me. Thank you!