Trying to create that damp/soggy feeling

Walking through the woods just an hour after rains. To my eye and feet, it was damp, soggy and nice to walk on that carpet of fallen leafs. To my camera, it was different story

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Damp and soggy (as well as icy) are very difficult to convey. One of my favorite tricks is a negative tone mapping value. Here I’ve used RT 5.8-dev.

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Thank you, you were able to put it the way I was looking for.

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Thank you, this is also conveying what I feel.

Use some subtract or multiply blend mode…

Maybe it just needed to be darker?

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Quick effort


Thanks for posting
darktable 3.6.1

DSC06788.ARW.xmp (16.1 KB)

Krita 5.0 (Beta 2)

My try in darktable 3.6. The image is lacking overall sharpness. More definition in the leafs might help to get a better impression of the true nature of the forest floor.

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I think that’s a question of White Balance, and of saturation. And the intensity of greens. Made here with Color balance RGB, Color calibration and Low Pass basically.
Hope it helps!

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GIMP 2.10.24 LAB