trying to have vkdt running in Linux Mint 21.1

I am a bit fed up of Microsoft and it changes in windows interface and forcing you to accept all the “innovations”.

So I am trying to keep my main system using Linux Mint 21.1 for my personal use (I have been using linux for some tasks for many years, but mainly web servers and the like).

Great opportunity to try vkdt in my Linux Mint 21.1 machine, as I could not get it working in windows.

My GPU is a nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI.

I have installed nvidia propietary drivers (525.85.05) and vulkan-tools.
vulkaninfo identifies the GPU correctly.

I have downloaded the vkdt .deb for ubuntu and tried to install it using dpkg.

But during install there are error with missing libs:

dpkg: problemas de dependencias impiden la configuración de vkdt:
 vkdt depende de libjpeg62-turbo (>= 1.3.1); sin embargo:
  El paquete `libjpeg62-turbo' no está instalado.

dpkg: error al procesar el paquete vkdt (--install):
 problemas de dependencias - se deja sin configurar
Se encontraron errores al procesar:

I have tried to install the libraries, but it seems there is no libjpeg62-turbo packages…
I don have installed a libjpeg-turbo8 in my system, though.
How may I get vkdt installed in my system?


Hi there,
I am also using linux mint 21.1 and did not compile vkdt but used the .deb file from:

  • click on the ubuntu logo and choose the link “direct binary packages”
  • then choose “xUbuntu 22.04” because linux mint 21.1 uses 22.04 as a base.
  • then double click the downloaded .deb file and install vkdt like any other .deb package

hope this helps you …

it is more useful if you add the repository instead of downloading the package. that will allow you to update vkdt easily when ever @hanatos pushes a change. github and OBS are integrated to rebuild the packages automatically.

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Yes, that’s the best option.

Thank you, that is the place from were I had downloaded it.

But there were some missing libraries that are not mentioned in the documentation, like libjpeg62-turbo and some other (libglfw related) and seem to not be installed by defult in linux mint or by the propietary drivers from nvidia.

I have installed vulkan-tools and it seemed that only libjpeg62-turbo was missing after that.

There is no such package in the apt listings (just libjpeg-turbo8).

But I have found a .deb package that can be downloaded from here:
and installed via dpkg.

Now I have it running (but don’t know how to use it, it seems quite different).

I will think of adding the repository to sources… which is the appropiate repository for the .deb packages of vkdt?

add the repository to your apt source list
and during install it will fetch those libraries.

To use vkdt I would recommend and find the website with much information. I looked at it, but reading documentation is something I personally do not like, but it is still necessary …

At the top left you will find 4 words (links in blue) that make sense to read. The link “home” gives everything you need …

Success . . . .

I did read that pages.
But there is not much info on installing it in linux out of opensuse.

The instructions give guidance mainly in how to build it from source in opensuse.

glfw is not an apt package either (at least in debian/ubuntu/mint).
But somehow the libraries needed were installed while installing vulkan-tools, I think.
There is no mention to libjpeg62-turbo either.

It seems this are libraries installed in opensuse but not in other linux distributions.

The documentation of how to use the different modules is not too wide either, but all that is quite logical for a program in such an early stage of development.
No complaints about it.
I am happy of having been able to run it.

Well, I will try with the repository for ubuntu 22.04 and see if it works correctly, thank you.