trying to lower sequence fps, no luck

Hello everybody, i am working in my hello world project, is a logo intro marvel style, i have my sequence 1-78, trying to lower the speed to 6fps, the viewer actually show me what i want, but when i render, its come out with the sequence using the 30fps project setting.
Anyway iam trying to export a movie of the sequence, because after using a merge, the 6fps dont take effect even in the viewer.
I dont know how to paste images here to show.

I hope can any of you understand my bad english :confused:

Using Linux Mint
Greetings from Chile!

Why not setting the project to 6fps ?

i tried all the combinations, i left just 3 nodes in the project, the secuence, viewer and write, i tried all the combinations, and for example with 6 fps en project settings the time of the project is incremented, and with 6 in the other nodes, just the images shows very fast. Iam just going to make blank images (transparents) to match the fps i want lol.

Hi, you need modify the metadata, I don’t know how to do it in Natron, but there are many other free applications you can do this. For example in Nuke (isn’t free :slight_smile: ), addtimecode, modifymetadata, retime, find similar nodes.

maybe convert the 30fps video with ffmpeg. ffmpeg -i videoname -r 6 outputname
or from image sequence ffmpeg -y -framerate 6 -start_number 1 -i %03d.jpeg -c:v libx264 -q:v 2 -an -b:v 750k outputname with filenames like 002.jpeg, 078.jpeg

I have setup the ‘Read’ node to 6fps, then the ‘Write’ node to 6fps too.
It works.

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Alternatively, you can use Retime node to lower the speed by desired framerate divided by original framerate, in your case 6/30 = 0.2 times.

thank you all, solved with retime.