Trying to split tone

…but all wrong :sweat_smile:
I love the result, anyway
Hi, everybody, long time no see :relaxed:


Pretty and subdued! :smiley: What did you do?

I just went with the flow, starting with the split tone idea. :joy:
Is there a way to share my workflow?

  • White balance, obviously
  • Channel mixer
  • Level
  • Color correction
  • Color zone
  • Equalizer
  • Straightening
  • Expoisition (global)
  • Exposition 1 (for the highlight in the middle)
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You can upload darktable styles here if you’d like (I believe the jpg output also can be used for the style).

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It looks very nice to me! Please export and upload your DT style file if you can! I would appreciate it!

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I did’nt know! This is great :smile:

Here, for @patdavid and @Isaac

Pixls_us.dtstyle (3.5 KB)


Thank you @Dario_M! I appreciate it!

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