Turn off badge notifications

Hey, how do I turn off all badge notifications?

You deserve these badges, so you will get the information :wink: .

I also find this “system of badges” a little odd.

Don’t do anything that triggers the awarding of badges! :smiley:


I don’t think you can turn off just badge notifications.

In that case I propose to turn off the badge system (Settings > Basic setup).

why are occasional badge notifications such a problem for you?

They’re far too frequent to be considered occasional, and I’m not Pavlov’s dog in constant need of stimulation to keep my mouth watering. I will post regardless of those badges, in fact I will post in spite of them. But it would be nice to get real notifications and not be spammed.


This should be a feature request. Badges is a gimmick to encourage new members to participate more but it becomes old when you become a regular. Keep the stats? Sure, but the notifications are very annoying. So I concur.

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So, in fact, the question is not why are they a problem, but why were they enabled in the first place in a forum for adults. My guess: it was a default.
There is no need for them.

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I guess they are on by default because they work somehow, at least that’s what I conclude from similar systems being present at stack exchange and other sites, and social media has similar mechanisms as well. For sure not for everybody, and what’s the effect is for sure not totally understood as well. I personally don’t need them, but most probably, people who think different won’t speak up here.

It is called gamification[1,2], a concept that is deeply ingrained in modern society, coined a decade ago but probably existed under different names for at least a century. Most of us have grown up immersed in it. It is prevalent in the adult world too, including the workplace and how we are paid. And I bet it is far more ubiquitous than you realize.

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