Turning whole picture quickly

I´m very much looking for a way to quickly turn or rotate a whole page on gimp, because sometimes it’s easier to draw something when you can see what you are doing. I don´t want to rotate parts of the picture but quickly turn the whole thing for a short moment and then turn it back. Is there a way to do that?
Thank you for taking notice

Middle mouse button (on my mouse this is pressing the scroll wheel) + shift rotates the view. Click-n-drag

example: https://i.imgur.com/wL2hTqQ.mp4

View menu → Flip & Rotate → Reset or use the shortcut ! (exclamation) key


GIMP allows you to create you own shortcut keys to do operations like this with a single keyboard click. For instance, I duplicate layers a lot so I set the letter D on the keyboard to duplicate layers, F to flatten layers, and M to merge visible layers. The options are all up to you and your needs.
Click on edit in the top task bar the option to set keyboard shortcuts becomes available. You could consider setting the keyboard shortcut to R for a 90 degree clockwise rotation. Then two clicks of R would give 180 degrees.

Thank you so much, that really helped :grinning: :pray: :pray: