Tutorial: Dresden 1824 - Inside an image from Carl August Richter

I just wrote a blog entry, how I edited an image to make it possible to see it from inside with my VR headset. The original image from Carl August Richter is one of the oldest “little planets” I know :wink:.
To create the image I used G’MIC, GIMP and exiftool:


Nice tutorial. An easier approach would be to center the orb and then run Moon to Panarama preset (G’MIC or Mathmap). :slight_smile:

@lylejk Thanks, I didn’t know about Moon to Panorama. But I think it would only replace the Reverse “Little Planet”. So it is not really an improvement, but an interesting alternative. You still have to centre the image and fix the sky.

@pippin Perhaps it would be a nice improvement for the GEGL “Little Planet” plugin to be able to set the centre point an to have an option to work like “Moon to Panorama” and not stretch the image into the square.

@David_Tschumperle For the Moon to Panorama it would be nice to be able to set the centre point interactive in the preview window.

This is the different results of the to functions:

G’MIC: Moon to Panorama

GEGL/GIMP: Reverse “Little Planet”:

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I wrote a follow up post.

I improved the tutorial. The new thing is to use Hugin instead of the “Little Planet” plug-in in Gimp. This dramaticly improves the quality.

And now even with sound:

Btw. does anyone know a FOSS image viewer that is able to view 360x180 panoramas and/or is able to play in jpegs embedded sound files?

And to more, to make the series complete: :slight_smile:

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