Two different processed outputs from a single raw file

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I love using RawTherapee, thanks for all your great work!

Something that i would like to be able to do, (and i don’t know if there is already a method, or if this is a new-feature request) (i’ve tried searching for an answer before posting), is to make two different jpgs from one raw file. (i know i can copy/paste the raw file and process the two differently, but this seems a bit wasteful of space)

If it’s a feature request, below is how i see it potentially working:

So, i might see a raw file in the file browser and think ‘that would look nice if it was a moody black and white, but i also want to provide a colour version too’. In which case i might right-click and choose “clone” or “fork”, which could create two pp3 files that point to the single raw file, but it would show up in the file browser as two different images with the potential for different processing profiles. Perhaps the second could identify itself the browser as a “clone” or “fork”. It would also be useful to allow the “forking” at the point where the processing profile has already be partially completed.

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PS. I’m using RT5.3 on Windows 10

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