two monitors on linux KDE and from time to time only one wake up from the sleep mode

Hello everybody,

I hope I chose the right category, otherwise, please advice.

There is one thing, I didn’t find the right stuff googling:

First of all, my setup:

  • Mobo ASUS Maximus Hero XI → shouldn’t matter as the issue was with old MoBo (changed last week) as well
  • 2 GTX1060 G1 6G → 2x shouldn’t matter as issue was with 1x GTX already
  • 2 Monitors (24" HP, 27"EIZO) (both on GFX device 0, GFX device 1 merley acts as opencl resource)
  • Gentoo Linux (old MoBo with very old but up2date install, now very fresh install)
  • lightdm-1.26.0-r1 as login-manager
  • nvidia-drivers 415.xx (somehow have the feeling it lies here, as the issue came around x-mas, where also the switch from 396xx to 415 happened)
  • KDE-plasma-

Sporadically the EIZO doesn’t wake up from sleep mode. Just logout from KDE and the wake-up comes. However it is anoying. Sometimes it works fine for days and then it happens several times a day.

As it is that sporadically I wouldn’t like sooooo much to go back to driver 396, as I would need to stay there for weeks.

Any other ideas, how I could nail it down, as it is annoying?

Thank you very much in advance

You should look at your system logs and dmesg output.

I did to no avail

But I’ll do again, one never knows :slight_smile:

I have an Eizo that stays black after sleep. Nvidia drivers. Now turning it off and on again works. Don’t think it worked before installing a login manager.

I guess, your case is different from mine. For me, switch off and on does not change anything. It reports “no signal”…

I had your problem same “no signal” issue. Before installing a login manager there was no way of activating the screen if it had gone to sleep at console. Also sometimes, probably based on the timing of power up the monitor, it would never get a signal. Then being forced to reboot completely.

I tend to use /usr/bin/startx with a window manager. If I powered on and left it for to long it would go to sleep at the console and it would be impossible to wake it up including after restarting the monitor. I could however login blind and run startx, IF I made no mistakes the screen would wake up on startx. After installing SLiM I can wake the screen up by power cycling it.

I tried to google for anyone with similar problems but no success. I guess Eizos aren’t all that common. I have a “cheat” eizo though, not a high end version.

On the console mine is always off and the HP is the primary screen. I assumed, that’s why the EIZO is off. You may try to swap your DP-ports on the GFX and make sure the resoplution is set propperly in the bootmanager.

I start thru “/etc/init.d/xdm start” Still I feel, our issues arn’t the same or do you have merely sporadically wake-up issues like me? My screen works propperly for days and than suddenly stays sleeping.


My troubleshooting went nowhere and I couldn’t find a reliable way of recreating the issue nor a way of waking the screen. I switched DP ports and gfx cards (I have two rubbish old Quadro cards just use opencl/cuda) tried disabling all power saving in the monitor and the OS (hard…) but it was just to random. I would think I had it sorted but then I’m there shaking my mouse and banging the keyboard to no avail. Occasionally I could wake it up by one means or the other but then it wouldn’t work the next time.

I have no idea why installing SLiM enable the powercycle to wake trick but it or some simultaneous update/random config change made it work reliably. Ideally the screen would just wake normally but it don’t.

which nvidia-drivers version do you use?

I have a similar problem that happens occasionally: Close my laptop screen and the system (Kubuntu 18.10) goes to sleep. Reopen the lid, and only the external monitor awakes. The laptop screen is black. I can get things back by opening the “Displays” window under Hardware => Display and Monitor in System Settings (KDE) and reenabling the laptop screen. But I’m not sure what’s causing the system to forget it in the first place.

My work-around has been to get in the habit of suspending the system before closing the lid. I’ve never had a lost display if I suspend before closing.

My issue may not be related to yours, but thought I’d share my experience, just in case.

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It is interesting and your “Displays”-Trick in KDE is something I may try as well.

Are you using nvidia-drivers?

Yes, I’m using the nvidia drivers now (390.87), but the problem also occurs with the Intel drivers (although possibly less frequently?). I use Prime to switch between graphics chips occasionally.

it also happens with intel-drivers! That is a breaking news

Which KDE and plasma-version you use? For me I have this config for very long time and the pain somehow started end of 2018

I’m currently using Plasma 5.15.2, but I’ve gotten so used to suspending my system before closing the lid that I’m not sure if the problem persists. (I should probably test it for a few days.) I’ve been using an external monitor (as well as the laptop screen) for a couple of years now, but I really don’t recall when the issue started happening since I only started using the Nvidia driver heavily in the last few months. It happens infrequently with the Intel driver.

interesting is, you are on nv 390, which is quite old but plasma on 5.15.2 which on my Gentoo is extremely fresh and testing only…

…but that doesn’t matter that much, I guess…

Today I had zero incidents. Wanted so much to check again, whether or not dmesg or syslog tells me something (as far as I remember, there as nothing)

I’m also lost here but it is sooo anoying, especially if you have something opened on that dark screen. Not so easy to access it…


Today it happened again, without any info on dmesg :frowning: