Two new articles on masks + one on perspective correction and snapshots

Hello, I wrote two new articles about using masks in ART v1.2. One is about area masks, the other about deltaE and brush masks. Hopefully these articles help to make these masks even more intuitive to use than before! :wink:

The other article points your attention to the new Perspective Correction tool and explains why you should make snapshots of your work all the time. As far as I know, ART is the only software in the world who gives you this kind of “versioning system” for photo editing and I really love this feature. Kudos to @agriggio!

Have a look here.


Thanks for this! One thing though:

Second, Darktable stores the edit history, so that when you re-open a file, it shows all the steps you applied the last time, from opening the file to the moment you saved it. But when you choose an entry somewhere in the middle of that list and you change the contrast for example, all the edits you did last time after that point are lost.
And this is the great trick of ART , you can simultaneously have several versions in parallel, take one, disable some masks, change the exposure and save these actions in a new snapshot - without having touched the others. And the original snapshot (the one you took in the last line) is still there!

Actually, both things are equally possible in darktable.

  1. You don’t need to click half-way in your edit history to change a value, you can just change that later and do a history ‘compress’ afterwards if you think the list becomes too long.
  2. You can make internal duplicates of an image, which is essentially the same as snapshots. See here “Selected image(s)” in the darktable usermanual (Duplicate).

Hello Roel, thanks for reading in the first place!

  1. Regarding your first point, perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. What I wanted to say was that in Darktable there is a history list with all the edits you did so far. Say, after loading/Base curve, I do edit1, edit2, edit3 and edit4. If I want to work on the picture i made with edit2 and I change for example contrast now, the edits3 and 4 are gone. Not so in ART.

  2. Yes, you’re absolutely right, I didn’t think about that (because DT is not my main raw processor). I’ll correct that in the article.

Very good!


@paulmatth nice articles. Thanks.

Only a remark: in the masks articles, perhaps it would be interesting to warn the reader to apply the rotation, perspective, profiled lens correction and distortion transformations before defining area and brush masks.

Thanks gaaned, I added your remark to both articles.