Two panoramas with open source tools

My first post here. Two panoramas with my favorite open source tools: OpenCamera app on an android phone, exposure brackets captured in raw, converted to tiff using ART, then exposure fused and panorama stitched in Hugin, missing corners filled in with the multiscale inpainting filter of G’Mic, and finally colours and tones adjusted again in ART.



Hi @Harri and welcome! Looks like you’ve done a lovely job with both pianos, thank you for sharing!

Thanks @paperdigits. Glad you enjoyed them.

Really nice ! Framing, subject and technic are excellent !
Really nice images :smiley:

I particularly like the 2nd the movement on the water is unbelievable considering it’s a panorama Oo

Hi, @Harri, and welcome to the community!

Nice images!

Just downloaded and now my Android phone allows me to do DNG RAW. Thanks for the heads up about the app.

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@clind Thanks! The weather and light were amazing

@martbetz Thanks for looking

@Terry There’s a hidden gem which took me a while to find: the DNGs contain also vignetting (or flat-field) correction data. At least ART can use that, perhaps RawTherapee and other sw also. In ART you just need to enable the correction in the “Raw” tab, under “Flat field correction”, check “Embedded in metadata”

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darktable can as well, but in some corner cases there might be some side-effects on the highlight reconstruction AFAIR…

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