two sheds in the sunset

It was gonna be a play raw, but not at 354mb (tiff)…
it was also a very bad word to put together.
24mm couldnt get it all in and swinging a pano so close gave horrible distortions
Walked the tripod left to right and made the overlaps that way
and because its sunset each shot was 3 exposure brackets
Each bracket was put through HDRMerge and the 8 DNGs brought into darktable, eyeballed the exposure for each and adjusted the black point on each histogram so no dark clipping
Exported as 16 bit tiffs which were stitched in M$ ICE (I know I know but Xpano doesnt play nice with 16 bits and I really wanted all that nice DR)
Stitch brought back into dt for a general tidy up, exposure and colour tweeks
Et viola

and on the way home stopped off for this

Hand held, it aint no Ernest Haas but it has potential…


Final Cut reference?

Exactly right, good lad

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