Ubuntu 18.04 and hdrmerge

I’m trying to install hdrmerge on my recently upgraded ubuntu 18.04.
However, Dariuz ppa still hasn’t been upgraded.
I’m thinking of temporarly using hdrmerge appimage found in pixls repository (https://pixls.us/files/) but I’m not sure which version is the latest/stable one. One of them shows version 2.8, different from all the others, which stand as 0.5…
Which one is recommended?

Try the latest from here

@heckflosse Thanks.
Also, I’m trying to run Gimp CCE appimage from the same repository I mentioned above, but it asks me to restore the image to disk? What is that?
Is there also a latest Gimp CCE appimage on aferrero repo?

I don’t know about gimp appimage. ping @Carmelo_DrRaw

Could you post a screenshot of the message?
Also, the files on pixls.us/files are now obsolete, as everything has been moved on github (this reminds me I should clean up those files…).

For the CCE case, Elle’s fork is AFAIK not updated anymore, because now GIMP 2.10 basically provides all the required functionalities. I am actively maintaining the AppImage packages, which are available here. In case of problems, I would be grateful if you could open an issue on the same github repository (Issues · aferrero2707/gimp-appimage · GitHub), as it is easier to follow the technical discussions there…

Same applies for the HDRMerge case. By the way, the most recent AppImage packages are now uploaded to the official github repository (Release Automated Builds · jcelaya/hdrmerge · GitHub). I deleted the test release referred by @heckflosse to avoid confusion.
The AppImage packages are automatically built on a daily basis (if there is something new committed to the master branch), so I suggest you to have a look at the release page regularly if you want to take advantage of the bleeding-edge version.


This screen shows up soon after I double click on the appimage file. The Disks screen beneath the message box was opened by the appimage clicking.

As for the appimage packages link you’ve provided, I’ll bookmark it for further reference.

Regarding Gimp CCE, what I was looking for was to do some tasks on a linear rgb profile. Does 2.10 version already comply with that?

@gadolf did you forget to make the AppImage executable? It’s meant to be executed, not opened with another program.

chmod +x foo.AppImage

@Morgan_Hardwood @Carmelo_DrRaw Oh man! That’s it!

Sorry to have taken your time with such a stupid question. I always chmod x appimages but somehow my multi-threading brain missed that one… getting old…:roll_eyes:

The AppImage docs suggest chmod a+x gimp.appimage to make it executable.

Also I believe Elle’s gimp CCE for is abandon because she finds upstream gimp suitable for her needs.

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There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers :wink:

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