Unable to change preference directories

Apologies if I missed the answer in what seems like a long search…but I have been trying to change the directory in Preferences that will add the HaldCLUT files. I navigate to where that is done, select where I extracted the files and the path doesn’t show the location. So I restarted RT, no change, restarted the computer, no change.

(Windows 10 OS)

Many thanks,

I put the extracted HaldCLUT files in a folder and pointed RT to that folder and not directly to the extracted files. Try that, it should work.

I have no clue what you mean by this… sorry.

That’s what I did, and in the upper left corner it shows the correct path, but it does not show in the box for HaldCLUT where I clicked to select the file location. I then close that box, restart RT, but the change has not been saved. At no point to a I see a “Save” or “OK” button to lock in the path to these files.


Like @Thanatomanic, I’m also not at all clear what it is you did(n’t) do.

This is how it is supposed to work (this is on Linux, but the underlying principle is the same):

There’s a restart at the end to show that the made change does stick.

This is very helpful. I was double clicking to navigate to the folder holding the files, but I needed to use the “Open” button to make it stick. Both methods get to the same point, but using the “Open” button to identify the final destination is necessary.

Thank you!