Unable to export to google

I can no longer export to Google photo from Digikam I have this error:
“Error transferring https://photoslibrary.googleapis.com/v1/albums?pageSize=50 - server replied: Too Many Requests”
And if I want to export to Google drive Firefox tells me site:
“This address is prohibited”

This address uses an unusual network port for web browsing. For security reasons, Firefox has abandoned the request.

But with Firefox I can access Drive and Google photo from my account.

It always worked before v8

Text translated from French into English with Deepl

This has nothing to do with digiKam-8.x.x, even a digiKam-7.x.x version would not work at the moment. Google has blocked the API key, they think they have automatically recognized that we are violating the terms of use. To be clear, we are only requesting rights to upload and download user images, nothing more. We opened a ticket to clarify what Google doesn’t like, the 2 business days for an answer have now turned into well over a week.


Thank you very much for this information.
It’s only a minor inconvenience compared to Digikam’s qualities.