Unable to get Gmic to function after install

Hi, I recently tried installing g’mic but have had no luck in trying to get it to work. I receive errors for not having files, but it doesn’t seem like those files were ever included, or I just don’t know where to find them. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the help!

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What is your version of GIMP ?
The mentionned .dll should be already be a part of the GIMP installation I think.

The required files are in Gimp-2.10.34 (but not in Gimp-2.10.32 or earlier).
Update Gimp to the latest version 2.10.34 or if you have Gimp-2.10.32 use G’MIC-3.2.1.
G"MIC-3.2.3_pre#230304 works very well and maybe it’s an illusion (I didn’t take exact measurements), but it seems to be faster than previous versions.

G’MIC 3.2.3 does indeed work faster than the previous versions, mainly because:

  • We did a lot of work on optimizing the plug-in code (particularly for the initialization phase).
  • We now use a newer version g++-12 of the compiler, which seems to make a difference.

If some .dll files are missing, just get them somewhere and copy/paste them in the gmic-gimp/ plug-in folder and it should be OK.

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