Unable to import drone Hyperlapse images

I use darktable all the time to import raw (DNG) files from my drone (Mavic 2 Pro).
On the drone, I shot a hyperlapse, and went to edit the raw images, but Darktable does not recognise them - it says the images are not available - they are pointing to the correct place on the drive.

I am not sure why it is not ‘finding’ the images.

I can think of two possible problems. Something is strange with the path or something is strange with the files. But that is just guessing.
Could you perhaps show us a screenshot of the files in the filemanager and add one of the raw files here?

HYPERLAPSE_0001.DNG.xmp (3.1 KB)
Thanks so much for your reply. Here is the DNG file and the XMP file from Darktable.
I dont thind there is anything wrong with the path, as Darktable has created the XMP file, but I may be wrong.
I use DNG files all the time with no issues - so I am guessing perhaps something with the metadata?

I assume this is a multi frame dng file, I haven’t heard that dt supports them. Have you edited them before in DT?

Please make sure there are sample files at https://raw.pixls.us

This is not a multi-frame file. This is just the DJI uncompliant DNG:

These are, strictly speaking, not valid:

ActiveArea                      : 0 0 0 0
DefaultCropOrigin               : undef undef
DefaultCropSize                 : undef undef

Try updating your FW to see if they fixed it (and please let DJI know if they haven’t).

Can you please upload a sample to https://raw.pixls.us/ (with a note that it is a hyperlapse failing to load as opposed to the normal 20MPix one that loads fine)?

With these invalid tags ignored, I was able to load the image, but then there is a black stripe on the side as there is no valid crop information to go by:

Somebody really ought to let them know to fix their DNG output(s)…

Thanks for your message. I have uploaded one of the images to where you suggested.
I am trying to import each of the individual images, which I will color grade and then import into DaVinci to create the hyperlapse.

I have imported DNG files before, but not one that was taken in hyperlapse mode on the Drone.
I had assumed that they were just a series of individual DNG files, but DT doesnt seem to like them.
Am trying to work out why they are different and if there is anyhting I can do to make dt recognise them…

Thanks so much for this - How do I ignore the invalid tags?

Currently only by changing the darktable (RawSpeed really) source code…