Unable to use latest version of G Mic (3.2) within Photoshop CS6

Hi, I have just updated the Gmic Plugin within Photoshop CS6 64bit with version 3.2, using the asset Gmic Plugin x64 zip to do so

Having opened CS6 and an image within it, I tried to open Gmic, there was a pause and then Photoshop simply disappeared from view.

The same thing happened on all three occasions I tried to open the plugin, but on the fourth I got a message box containing the message “G’MIC-Qt input images have an unsupported file version.”
This continues to display at every new attempt to open the plugin

Is there any way to remedy this, or is it best to just revert to a previous version?

I should add the update worked fine within Photoshop 24.1.1

Thank you for any assistance, or advice that can be offered

Did you update both the plugin and the gmic folder?

Thanks for the interest
Yes, I copied both the plugin and the gmic downloads taken from the extraction from the zip downloaded folder
I copied them into the correct place as I was asked to confirm I wished to replace the folders already there

Then I have no idea what the issue could be. The x64 plugin works fine in XNView MP and Photoshop CC 23.5.

I do not have a copy of Photoshop CS6, so I cannot do any testing with that version.

Having read your response, I was about to write a reply but thought I would give CS6 and the G MIC plugin one more try to see if there were any other clues as to why it would not perform correctly

You will have guessed, yes it appears to be working just as it should

Maybe your involvement did the trick, but whatever has changed I’m very pleased and thank you again for taking an interest

Best regards