unable to view files in file browser

I just installed, uninstalled, & re-installed Rawtherape version 5.8 on my Mac running OSX 10.13.6 a few times. I went into the preferences, unchecked everything in the file browser, restarted, REchecked everything in the file browser, restarted, and STILL I cannot view a single file of any kind in any of the folders in the file browser. Not my RAW files, not even my .jpg files. I navigate directly to my files, yet there is nothing in the file browser. What is wrong?

NOTES: I’ve used Lightroom for many years, but I don’t wish to update to the monthly fee version with my new camera. I down

Hi Jessica, welcome to pixls!

Lets start with your NOTE first:

RawTherapee is free, so that is pretty affordable :sweat_smile:

RawTherapee is not simple… It has a rather steep learning curve. It is extremely powerful though.

If the general concept of RawTherapee is to your liking you might want to look into ART [here at pixls] / ART [homepage], which is a RawTherapee spin-off and is supposed to be more user friendly/simple (I’ve heard this being said, haven’t used ART myself, I like RT). BTW: Also free!

Can you tell us a bit more?

  • which RawTherapee version,
  • how are you installing this,
  • Windows, Linux, ???

Out of the box it should just show RAWs, JPEGs, TIFFs etc. Most of the RAW formats are supported, but yours might not yet be so tell us a bit more. Then again if JPEGs aren’t shown this whole thing might be a permission problem.

So, please give us a bit more info so we don’t have to start guessing.


Double click the folder in the file browser

Yeah, I wanted to edit the post immediately but there’s no button for it. Raw therapee seems pretty compared to some other programs I’ve been using. I actually just want a program that does less than ON1.

I downloaded the newest version, 5.8, for Mac, running on OS 10.13.6
I installed by the regular method of dragging the app to the applications folder. The app opens just fine. The file browser is just completely blank. Nothing of any format is visible in any folder.

Although that is the obvious solution, it doesn’t work. There’s nothing of any file format visible in any of the folders.

The file browser of RT is supposed to show images only … however, in the settings the file extensions can be maintained.

And you need to double click the folder … the reason for that is that the thumbnails are created on the first visit to a folder, therefore a single click is not enough for performance reasons.

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Please, can you provide a screenshot?

I have the same problem.
I use RawTherapee since years. Now from one day to another is stopped showing the photos.
I can view all the former photos but since a certain and recent date of time photos are invisible and therefore not selectable for revealing.
The photos are on the computer and visible with every software that can reproduce Raw files.
RawTherapee recognizes the photos and counts them on “File Explorer [0/40]” tab (left corner above), means 40 photos, none selected, but doesn’t show not one single thumbnail. My audience is waiting for the pictures.

Some clues …
Nikon Z30, file format .NEF
Operating system Manjaro with KDE plasma
It wasn’t updated for some month, but now it is: same problem
RawTherapee Manjaro Official repository (extra) 1:5.9-2

Grateful for any hint.

Make sure you don’t have any filters activated. If you don’t and the file browser tab has a magnifying glass icon, it’s stuck trying to load a thumbnail. If that’s the case, try isolating the issue to one file and consider submitting a bug report on GitHub.