Under The Bridge - The Other Bridge

A first attempt at using bracketed images to create a HDR effect.

Raw bracketed exposured exported to 16 bit tiffs using Rawtherapee.

Bracketed tiffs turned into an HDR image using Luminance-hdr, using the the autoalign option to take into account any slight tripod movement between shots.

B&W Conversion using the color calibration B&W preset.

HDR Image then processed using darktable, “tonemapping” using a combination of Filmic RGB, followed by local contrast.

Not quite as “grungy” or “punchy” as I’d like, but it’s a start to be going on with!

Oddly, I didn’t get as good results, using the raw images directly in Luminance HDR, due to it giving weird colour artifacts in the highlights.


This is usually the result of using a gamma function during HDR creation. Using linear (unprocessed RAWs) data, I use triangular+linear+Debevec.

That said, I find I get best results by processing darktable first and exporting linear data to TIFF for LuminanceHDR. (dt modules I use are white balance, lens correction and profiled denoise - disable Filmic or base curve, or anything else that will result in non-linear data.)

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Hmm, what would you have liked to see? The front panels brighter?

Maybe a bit more contrast, it’s mostly just various shades of grey at the moment