Under The Bridge.

I thought I’d share one of my recent works with you, which is rather unimaginatively entitled “Under The Bridge”

Location is directly underneath the Forth Road Bridge, Scotland. Image taken 25th January 2019. Post processing was basic cropping, and conversion to B&W using Darktable.

I came 3rd place in my local photographic associations Digital Projected Image Annual Competition with this one :slight_smile:

I think I need to get this one printed in a large size!


This is very cool and the shadow cast under the bridge is interesting!

What do you mean by “digital projected image?”

@Brian_Innes Congrats. :slight_smile::+1: Thanks for sharing. Do they have a website?

Image projected on (not necessarily flat) surfaces?

@paperdigits, @afre

The club I’m in (Dunfermline Photographic Association) has 3 sections in the club competitions (as per the Scottish Photographic Federation).

Mono Prints,
Colour Prints,
and Digital Projected Images (i.e. projected onto a projector screen).

Seeing as I can’t afford an A3 Printer or get myself organised to gets prints printed and mounted for the club competitions, it’s easier to just hand in digital images :wink:

My club website, Dunfermline Photographic Association, is here:

I’m certainly pleased to get a 3rd place in the annual comp, as I’m the only photographer in the club who uses linux & opensource software for Photography. Although I’m doing my bit to “advertise” the benefits of free software such as Gimp & Darktable to new members who aren’t wanting to shell out for the likes of Photoshop, Lightroom etc.


The site’s links aren’t obvious but I managed to find the actual page with the results: http://www.dunfermlinephoto.co.uk/gallery-annual-2019/.

Wow, one person snapped up 2nd and 4th place. I like the 2nd very much.