Understandimg the usecase

Hi here is what I want to achieve:
I’ve all photos on ZFS at /mnt/photos (in container)
I’m running photoprism in LXC on proxmox.
I want a gallery which can present the photos in organized manner.

However looking around/reading about photoprism seems it’s closer to google photos as in it would work well if I start uploading photos through photoprism.

Is my understanding correct or can I achieve my use case?

This is pretty vague and probably warrants some more details… What do you mean “organized”? By date & time, by event? By folder the photos are in? By tag? By object recognition?

At this point I don’t need object recognition as much (however it would be good to have in case we want to see our dog’s pics over multiple events/years).

Current requirement is similar photo gallery as PC (just organized by events/folder or even date and time) but accessible over local network.

Basically NAS (proxmox ZFS) has photos, other computers should be able to see photos without mounting NAS

You can take a look at the “Folders” option in the photoprism demo at : PhotoPrism+

That gives you a view based on the folders the photos are in. Photoprism gives you a bunch of different views on the same data, its up to you to figure out how you want to see that data.

Oh next hurdle: how do I even get started ?
Where do I say which folder to serve photos from? I’m looking under Library and Folders but it doesn’t seem to accept path.

Have you taken a look at the user guide? Installation - PhotoPrism

Actually I read through but since I didn’t understand much, I started thread.

photoprism documentation says originals folder is where photos are used from but then what is originals folder how how do I connect my existing folder to originals
I think I need Indexing Originals - PhotoPrism

Where is select sub-folder?
I think I’m not understanding concept of originals .

You should probably mount your folder inside the lxd container.

inside lxd it is at /mnt/photos/<multiple folders here>

so then you need to do step 2, and choose the folder, then do step 3.

Actually I had to use photoprism -o /mnt/photos
Now I can scan, the whole container is hanging and needs reboot after few pics though, i’ll debug that next.

ok so crash is because of 4 cores, I’ve to use 8 cores while adding photos.
Just browsing doesn’t seem so bad so once photos are added I’ll go back to 4 or 2 cores

Things like image classification, thumbnail generation, etc etc will demand resources. Its recommended to have at least 4gb ram for photoprism.

Oh RAM definitely but I had to increase number of CPU cores for container.

Also does photoprism use GPU in any way?

it uses darktable to generate thumbnails of raw files, so yes, it can. Otherwise I’m not sure. It’s probably in the manual though.