Unwanted automatic cropping in Darktable 4.2.1

I have now spent a considerable amount of time, yet I did find no solution for automatic cropping of raw image in Darktable.

Description: I have raw images in .CR3 with aspect ratio of 3:2 (or at least I believe it is 3:2, as the camera has APS-C sensor). Darktable crops it to what I believe is 4:3. And I cannot find a way of disabling this cropping. When I open the same .CR3 image in image viewer (Nomacs in my case), and save it as whatever (jpg, png…) it saves it uncropped, as I want. Darktable however always crops it.
I’ve made sure the crop module is disabled. Lens correction is also disabled. However, it still crops.

Images follow:

Original image, uncropped (saved as .jpg with nomacs). You can see the end of train on the left + another railroads. Note: Image is compressed.

Image from Darktable (saved as .jpg with Darktable). Here you can see, that the end of the train on the left barely fits, and the railroads on the left are not there. Darktable states it did not crop it. Note: Image is compressed. ** I know the colors are different between programs, this is just an example of the cropping, not color processing.**

One interesting fact: When I import the file in Darktable, the preview is uncropped. However, as soon as I open it in darkroom, it crops the image.

Does anybody know how to force Darktable to not crop it?

Thanks in advance!

I think this is fixed on master, please check it out, or the upcoming version next month.

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Usually, it’s the other way around: one can get more from the raw than from the JPEG.
The issue could be caused by lens correction, which tries to warp the image to correct its geometry. Try disabling the module, switching to a different target geometry in the module, and/or playing with scale.


Oh wow, this seems to be the issue.
I checked, and yes, the camera was set for 4:3 aspect ratio (so even though raw is 3:2 it has the information that it should be 4:3 so Darktable obeys it).
It is definitely odd behavior, so hoping next release will let me decide.

Thanks for help.

And I can confirm that in the latest nightly version, I can decide if image will be cropped, so it is solved in the latest release.


I’ve come across similar: Embeded Exif Cropping Info - way to ignore/turn-off? DT4.2.0

If what you have mentioned above - that this is now fixed in the development version. Great to know.