Update Windows and macOS section of INSTALL file

I rewrote the INSTALL file today with two target audiences in mind: the complete beginner who for some reason needs a self-compiled build but has no idea what compilation is, and the experienced software builder who just wants to quickly look something up.

As I don’t use Windows or macOS, the Windows and macOS sections are in essence unchanged, and I suspect in bad shape. It would be great if someone could review the Windows and macOS sections to make sure they are accurate, unambiguous and based on a modern toolchain (MSYS2 for Windows, and MacPorts or Brew for macOS). The complete process of compilation can take many paths - choose the simplest one, keep things simple, don’t confuse the reader with options.

The INSTALL file is here:

I used hackmd.io, a very capable online markdown editor:

@HIRAM @gaaned92 @sguyader maybe you could take a look when time permits?


:heart: great work!


I guess, @gaaned92 will update the windows/msys2 build instructions when his time permits

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