Updating GIMP 2.10.x with different source version?

I’ve been using GIMP installers from partha.com because it comes with things like G’Mic and Nik already set up. But 2.10.30 is available from the official source. Tried to Google a page that tells me if I can use the official updater, without losing my groovy partha (2.10.22) add-ons?

A link to a tutorial would be great???

Given that the plugins in Partha’s have been compiled for 2.10.22, you can likely copy them over in a 2.10.30 installation. In practice if you want to be safe, you copy them to the plug-ins directory in you user profile.

Once you have done that you will even be able to update to a potential 2.10.32 without having to do anything to keep your plugins.

Coincidence, a question about Google-Nik / Windows Gimp 2.10 came up on another forum yesterday. (although I am really a linux user)

First thing to do is go into the Partha system plugins folder and back-up the plugins you need.

Gimp 2.10.30 installs to a different folder to Partha. Both can co-exist until until you decide to uninstall the older Gimp.

Those backed-up plugins can go into your regular Gimp User profile plug-ins folder. (plugins go there, not the system folder)
C:\Users"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins. Since you started with Partha Gimp 2.10.22 that will already exist, some settings might screw things up. You might have to rename it and run Gimp 2.10.30 to make a new empty default, then add the plugins.

…and for Gimp 2.10.30 you find in the same place in the Filters menu:

The gmic plugin should be easy, get the Gimp installer, run it, it will find the Gimp profile and install there. Again there is a gmic profile C:\Users"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\gmic Many changes from the old gmic, best delete that and let gmic make a new one.

Wonder what happened to Partha, I hope he is ok.

I’ve only corresponded twice with Partha, and he always seems cheerful. I too hope he is just briefly distracted.

Thanks for going into the details of the “system” folder (“program files” on my 64 bit) and the App Data folder which I only vaguely understand.

Also, you guys reminded me to copy out the paths from the existing Gimp install; easier than digging thru folders to investigate location. Existing Gimp paths will always be right (for that version anyway) .