Updating Siril from the stable 0.9.12 to the latest beta

Hello. I’m new here. So I’ve been using the stable version of Siril on my MacBook for some time and now I want to try out the beta. Will installing the beta replace the stable one or will I have two instances of Siril? If it’s the latter, how can I ensure that I completely remove ALL the files of the older one? Or is just dumping the Siril app into the trash enough?


On Apple world, everything is bundled. So don’t worry, you can run two instance of Siril in same time.
In addition, the current beta version is probably more stable than the 0.9.12 :).

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Hello. Thank you for the reply. I see it’s up to me if I want to keep the old one. I’ll delete it then.
So then there aren’t any app files scattered around the system? Just throwing the app into the trash will completely get rid of it?
I’m not very tech savvy.

If you use the bundle yes. Just put it in the bin.

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Alright. Cheers!