upgrading to darktable 4.2

I had been using a regular install of darktable 4.0.1 on ubuntu but also had the snap version installed which is now upgraded to 4.2 but since I hadn’t been using the snap version doesn’t have everything in the database and was wondering if anyone had any idea what would be the cleanest way to switch to 4.2. The snap version doesn’t have a lot of my raw files imported in it and a number or the folders I have aren’t showing the edits in the non snap version so I wasn’t sure if I was better off just removing the out of date folders in the snap version and importing the folders again along with everything new that isn’t showing up, seeing if I can move the darktable database from the non snap version to the snap version, or just upgrading the non snap version. Thanks

If the snap package has file system access to the folder(s) where you raw files are (which the snap may not, it is sandboxed and only has access to specific folders that don’t seem to be user modifiable), then you can just copy your darktable config folder to the config location that the snap uses (which I don’t know off hand).

If the snap does not have file system access to your raw files, you can either relocate the raw files, or try another package. If you’re running a newer ubuntu, the OBS package might work for you, or otherwise you might try the flatpak.

Thanks, I didn’t have luck with finding the snap folders but as I was going through the older folders I realized that I hadn’t gone back to replace some past xmp files with the backup versions where I accidentally removed the star ratings from a bunch of folders on my computers so while importing the folders that weren’t in the 4.2 snap version individually is slower its also getting me to finally do some file cleanup that I’ve been putting off for a couple of months.