Upload “permission denied, time out”

I cannot upload images at the moment. Get the message in the title. Could someone please look into this?

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Same here. Has been like this all day for me.

Same with me

can you try again?

Not working :frowning:

But I can post a small PNG

what kind of image are you posting? i need more details.

I tried this jpg with original size of ~900 kB. The same image as png (~3 MB) results in the same error.

Unfortunately, I got the same error msg when I tried to upload Thomas’ jpg.

Testing again, 3.04MB PNG:

Can you upload other jpg files?

And a 1.16MB file:

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i reverted FIX: automatically timeout long running image magick commands (#12670) · discourse/discourse@5b99cb9 · GitHub and will bring it up with upstream.

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@Thomas_Do Yes!

Now it works for me too! Thanks a lot!

Here’s a jpg:

you rock!

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Uploading will be broken again for a while working on a better fix.