Uploading CRW files


I’ve tried to upload a photograph to Play Raw but the extension CRW of my old Canon D60 is not suppported. I know it’s not bleeding edge technology, but could it be added to the supported file formats? I’m starting with photography and was curious about revealing a high contrast picture.


Hello @jose-lens! Thanks for the heads up - I’ve added CRW to the list of allowable extensions - please try again and let me know if there’s still problems! :smiley:

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Should be good now!

Yes, thank you very much, I could upload it now :blush:

Maybe it’s a good time to add HEIFs while you’re at it? :wink:

E.g. .avif, .heic, .heif, .hif

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Wait - I already added those previously. heif, heic, and avif should already be accepted.

Hmm, didn’t work for me when I tried to attach/drag&drop AVIFs in that recent topic…