Use a cable release when shooting on a tripod!

In thought this was am interesting article about image sharpness when using a tripod with and without a cable release. As a result, I will start using my cable release more often, as I usually only break it out when the exposure time reaches a few seconds.


But the article also says that 2 sec delay timer is also fine (but a bit annoying I must say). I have a traveler tripod and when in use I set up shutter delay. I can also pair camera with smartphone but that’s too much for me. Anyway cable is nice :wink:

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Good stuff. Whenever the denominator value of the shutter speed approaches the focal length on my lens (without IS), I get the tripod out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Of course, too often I’m caught without a tripod so I just do my best to stabilize myself and fire away. Fortunately, the IS on my Fuji lenses do a pretty good job.

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Interesting site. From another article on the same site:

We did a test a few years ago. Nikon D800, 24-70mm 2.8 on Gitzo 3 series tripod and with
Arca-Swiss Z1 head.
We exposed the same scene in all cases as follows:

1/500 at F5.6 Hand held

1/500 at F5.6 On tripod

1/500 at F5.6 On tripod with wired release 10 second delay

1/500 at F5.6 On tripod with wired release and mirror up 10 second delay

While not as scientific as your test, it is a real world test for image results.

Each subsequent exposure was sharper than the previous with the last being significantly

sharper than any of the above.

Interesting to see that (for the tester quoted) mirror up made more difference than handheld vs. cable release. Of course, results will vary with the steadiness etc. of whoever is doing the shooting.

I use mirror lockup with handheld. Uncertain it is helpful but do it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my youth, I’d hand-hold down to 1/30sec and get what looked like sharp images. That changed recently, or, it took more bracing/discipline to keep 1/30sec sharp, getting old and/or sloppy.

Now, new camera has in-body stabilization, and I’ve been able to hand-hold that down to 1/10sec and get sharp images.

But for all that, I’m trying to set myself up to use the tripod more, as that setup just avoids all the variation that hand-holding situations present. And, those have been tack-sharp even with just careful use of the on-camera shutter button.

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Age is a biatch! These days, if I get a sharp image at 1/30 sec even when well braced, it’s pure luck. A monopod helps to improve my odds a bit, but it’s no substitute for a tripod. Staying away from my coffee addiction helps as well. :wink:

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With my new blood pressure prescription, the cardiologist laid down the edict: Only One Cup of Coffee Per Day!"

He’s the biatch… :blush:


Is that a new spelling for “Grinch”?

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