Use digiKam with a NAS and MariaDB

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Mon Oct 15, 2018

Use digiKam with a NAS and MariaDB

by Dmitri Popov

Got a NAS? Still store your photo library and digiKam databases on a local machine? It’s time to take your digiKam setup to the next level by moving your photo library to the NAS and switching to the MariaDB (or MySQL) database backend. This allows you to access your photo library from any machine on the same network as well as keep your photo library safe thanks to the fact that storage on most NAS appliances is usually configured as RAID. Continue reading

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I am trying to set this up, and halfway through I realized it might not be mature enough to support both windows and linux machines in the same setting. My family has both and I would like to setup 3 separate computers to access digikam on the NAS, but it seems like mapping the photos directory tree may not share nicely between *nix and windows if these settings are stored in the DB. Can you advise?


In his manual Dmitri Popov recommends using gigabit ethernet adapters… but I found a solution in software only, that is still giving good performance even on slower wi-fi. I’m using ProxySQL to store the thumbnail database on the local machine, while still having the metadata on the shared network drive: Split digiKam database queries between localhost (thumbnails) and network (metadata)

There is already a digiKam feature request THUMBDB : different database locations for thumbnails .