Use Masters on OSC_Preprocessing?

Hi, i’d like to edit the OSC_preprocessing to let it use a Master Dark, Flat, Bias instead of the single files. Is it possible?

But it is better to save in a new file. Especially for mac users.

I’ve edited the script leaving only this code:

# Convert Light Frames to .fit files
cd lights
convert light -out=../process
cd ../process

# Calibrate Light Frames
calibrate light -dark=../masters/master_dark -flat=../masters/master_flat -cc=dark -cfa -equalize_cfa -debayer

# Align lights
register pp_light

# Stack calibrated lights to
stack r_pp_light rej 3 3 -norm=addscale -output_norm -rgb_equal -out=result

# flip if required
load result
mirrorx -bottomup
save ../result_$LIVETIME:%d$s

cd ..

And worked great. ( i also changed the names of master to master_dark, master_flat, master_bias)