Use of "Activation" in "Custom Lifetime" of a "Roto Shape"


I am trying to use the “activated” state of the “custom” lifetime of a shape in a “roto”.

If I correctly understand the tooltip, there is a way to activate a shape between two keyframes, and to deactivate it between two other keyframes. For example, this would be very useful to switch off the blurring of a face when the person is temporary screened by something in the foreground or is off frame.

But whatever I tried, I was unable to get this behavior : the shape is permanently activated or not activated without any relation with the keyframes.

Can somebody give me a clue ?

Sincerely yours.


The opacity of EACH roto shape can be keyframed. This is the way to go to enable/disable masks with keys at 1 / 0 opacity.
Note that these opacity keys can not be seen in the dope sheet but can be in the curve editor.


Thanks for this suggestion which is an other to do what I want.

The point I missed is that to activate key-framing on theses resources, I had to right click the checkbox of the resource and select “Add a key”. Then the checkbox turns blue (on my interface) which notify that the resource is now key-able.

Sincerely yours