Use of Sigmoïde LUT

Hi, I have a question about the “Sigmoid” LUT,
If I want to use it from “Film simulation”, no problem, but I can no longer apply another simulation to the same image. I go to “Colour/Tone Correction”, choose LUT and import the Sigmoid LUT from C:\Program FilesART\1.21.3\luts, then I can use it and use a film simulation. The LUT remains loaded in the folder of the processed image but as soon as I open another image it has to be reloaded again.
I thought that by duplicating the LUT in the “ctlscripts” directory it would be available without having to load it each time, but unfortunately in ART it doesn’t appear in the list of scripts.
Is there any way of making the LUT function in “Colour/Tone Correction” constantly display the contents of the “luts” directory?
I hope you can understand me, the text has been translated from French into English using deepl.

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Putting it in ctlscripts should work. If it doesn’t, there’s probably some other error. Did you check the console to see if you get some message?
As an alternative, you can create a partial profile with the lut and load it automatically

It’s OK, I was looking for Sigmoid when I should have been looking for Sigmoid tone mapper.
Please excuse my eternal absent-mindedness.

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