Use SSD as boot device for LBB

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in the Little Backup Book I read the hint of installing the OS on a USB connected SSD.
As I plan to use a Samsung T5 because it’s reliable it would also be possible to install the OS on it, but I have 2 questions:

  1. Will the copy speed (Source Backup Mode) improve or is it just the boot up time when you go from micro sd boot to ssd boot?

  2. Can I use exFat or is it necessary to use a ext4 and a exFat partition if I want to read the ssd in windows too?



  1. Maybe, but only marginally. No matter how fast the SSD is, the data still have to go through USB.
  2. No. You have to install Raspberry Pi OS on the SSD as you would do on a microSD card.

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