Use the natron template file to work with different .exr files

(Олег Анатольевич) #1

I have different .exr files with which I need to perform operations of the same type, or I just need the same set of nodes for operations with these files (be it color correction or other operations). Files have the same name, layers have the same name, inside these files. Can I somehow insert the .hp files I need at a given time, so as not to manually select the “Read” node each time and select the layer I need inside of each node?
For example, in Blender there is an Imag node, when loading an image into this node, this node immediately has all the outputs for all layers of the file.
Sorry if my questions seem dumb and all this is in the documentation, I just need it urgently.

(Mikhail) #2

I don’t understand, Do you need create a lot of natron projects with same setup? or
you need use one branch and connect to it standart layers or some thing else?
if you have exr with standart layers you need setup like this, don’t you?

(Олег Анатольевич) #3

You understood correctly, I need a lot of natron files with the same chains of nodes, but the input file must change every time (the names of the layers remain the same every time). I simply want to select one file at the beginning of each individual project. In the meantime, I have to manually change the input file in the “Read” node for each layer every time …

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(Siddhant Rane) #5

You can create a gizmo for that. If you say the file names wont change at all, a gizmo could work.

(Олег Анатольевич) #6