Using ACES in Natron

A few days ago I made a post about some issues I was having setting up ACES color management in Natron. It turns out I was stupid and did something wrong while copying files and I fixed it so that post has been deleted from this forum.
I’m writing this post so that you all know how to set up ACES (or any other) color management in Natron.
Download the Color Configurations ZIP file from

Extract it somewhere
And copy the aces_1.1 folder to this location:
Then open Natron preferences and in the Color Management settings select aces_1.1

Save preferences and restart Natron.
And voila.

  1. Natron will automatically detect the color space of sRGB files as sRGB (D60 sim.) so you’ll have to manually change it to Output - sRGB.
    You can select which ACES color space you want to use for compositing (All compositing will take place in the selected color space and not default Linear):
  2. You’ll also need to add an OCIOColorSpace node AFTER all the compositing is done and set it to convert from ACES to the delivery color space.
  3. You’ll need to set the viewer color process to Linear (None) to be able to view a “correct” preview. I don’t know whether there’s any way to load custom viewer processes in Natron and The ACES RRTs are not showing up in the menu so Linear is the closest you can get to the correct image.

Now you can use ACES in Natron.


Can’t you put an OCIODisplay node before the viewer to apply the RRT?

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Yes that’s one way to do it
But I think it would be better to have the RRT in the Viewer Process menu like how Nuke offers them:

Having the one OCIODisplay node makes no difference though, especially because its always at the end before the viewer node.

Although it must be noted that even with the OCIODisplay node added, the Viewer Process must be set to Linear (None). I don’t know what is the reason for that.

When you select the RRT, Nuke actually inserts a hidden OCIODisplay before its viewer.

In Natron, when you select sRGB in the viewer, the viewer does the linear->sRGB conversion. If you insert an OCIODisplay before it, the OCIODisplay does the linear->sRGB conversion, and the viewer must then be set to linear (which means “no conversion”), since its input is already sRGB.

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Ohhh OK I understand now. Thank you!

A little late but here’s the updated version of the OCIO config website with ACES 1.2: