Using darktable with a touch screen

Can anyone comment on the usefulness of a laptop or 2 in 1 with a touch screen while using dt? Looking at a Lenovo Yoga C930, C940 or maybe the HP Spectra. Using this during extended travel will enable keeping up with post processing while giving something to do during down time.

What I’m curious about, will the touch screen allow for a “Wacom” like editing experience? Using a touch pad on a laptop just doesn’t sound very appealing. Especially drawing masks or doing any touch-up edits.

Would love to hear others thoughts - thank you

Pressing buttons and adjusting sliders using the touch screen sounds painful.

How well it allows you to draw masks depends on the quality and accuracy of the touch screen driver.

I don’t think it’ll be anywhere as nice as a wacom personally, but YMMV

I have a Lenovo 14" Flex 5, I do some raw editing on it, but for serious work I find a large desktop screen way more comfortable - and even there the dt menu is really annoying, you need to scroll often within one menu to see all controls.

I would say the sliders are not designed with touch in mind and therefore really too small. Strangely, when doing parametric masks, the input and output points are easy to set (just tried it) but adjusting a curve was difficult for me.

For me the notebook is just a secondary device that I use for quick (touchpads) edits.

(Just realized that I can “fake” the mousewheel, point to slider, hold touchpad left click, then touch move left/right)

I hate touchpads.
I have a portable sized USB mouse that I always use with my laptop. It keeps me sane, or at least I think so.
Did I mention that I hate touchpads?

I use a SurfaceBook 2. The pen works fine for drawing masks. The presure part is not always working as it should in darktable. I only tested with darktable and sequator. Did not tried gimp or something else more elaborate.

Thanks for the feedback, this is exactly what I was trying to learn. A few devices like your SurfaceBook have taken the touchscreen a bit further. Mostly agree with what everyone else said about standard touchscreens and track pads.

Next is to figure out if spending the extra $$ is really worth it or looking at a small USB Wacom might work better?

This is for you to figure out …
I wanted something that I could also use as a tablet. At some point, when both Amazon and Microsoft offered some discounts, the price of the surface book was reasonable so I went for it. For my usage it is fine. But I do not do much retouching.

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I have tried an A3 sized Wacom – and I did not like it :frowning:
I believe that it is a personal matter: if you are used to handling a keyboard, then a keyboard/mouse is your best pick. BUT: if you are an artist, being used to manipulating a brush (in real life, that is), then a Wacom will be just superb…

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

:no_entry_sign: artist here :blush: probably just overthinking this laptop update thing. Easy to get too analytical with so many choices. My wife does a decent job of keeping me focused!

BTW - truely enjoyed visiting your country and Stockholm. Entering and exiting through the archipelago was an experience of a lifetime. The city was most entertaining. Only thing, my skills really struggle with is shooting landscapes and architecture with grey skies. Copenhagen being closer to you was no different and even a bit more challenging. dt is getting a workout!

Since using a Lenovo for years with virtually zero problems decided to stay with the brand and try the Yoga C940. Decision was based on the screen resolution not the fact a pen can be used. If the pen turns out to be a plus so much the better. After 10 years this will be a nice update as was the XT-3 from a Canon EOS 10D. Tend to hold onto things!

Some of the biggest mistakes I’ve been guilty of as a novice are over using saturation and contrast in general. A weak computer screen was a big source of that consistent problem. Aging eyes probably don’t help.

So we’ll see how it goes? Will let others know my thoughts going forward after using it for a while.

Thanks again for your input and feedback.

Have done more errant clicks with a touch pad than my phone - know exactly what you’re saying!