Using master dark from stacked image from phone video

Hi all!

I do some occasional smartphone imaging of the planets, and have decided to focus on using Siril, since it looks like it is going to move me from 4 apps (PiPP → AutoStakkert! → Registax (wavelets) → Affinity Photo) to just 2 apps (Siril → Affinity Photo).

I have a video of darks, and 4 videos of lights of Jupiter. I was following the tutorial on the Siril site for “Manual Processing”, and all goes well until I try to pre-process the lights with the master stacked dark. The error I get is Cannot perform debayering on image with more than one channel.

I assume this is because my master dark is still in RGB? IS there a way to deal with this sanely, beyond not using master darks at all? The latter method works, but I feel like I am losing out on reducing noise from my phone. Anyone have thoughts or tips on how to pre-process with the darks?


In your case don’t use any master dark. There is no sense in subtracting a debayerd master dark.
So just not use it and stack frames.

Thanks for the response!

So there isn’t value in using some sort of master dark? If for nothing other than removing hot pixels?

Using already debayerd master dark will not remove hot pixels. You will add red, or blue artifacts coming from the demosaicing of the hot pixels. This is why we need to use RAW, i. e. CFA, data.