Using RT for Sony CyberShot F828?

(Hermann-Josef) #1

making my first attempts to use RT for the raw images from my Sony F828 I got this result, when the image is loaded (profile neutral):

The camera JPG looks like this, when opened in RT (again profile = neutral):

Is this the normal behaviour or does this come from the fact that the CCD has 4 colour filters?


(Morgan Hardwood) #2

@Jossie please upload the raw file.

(Hermann-Josef) #3

The raw file is to be found here:


(Morgan Hardwood) #4

I had no luck.

-TIFF-IFD0:ColorMatrix1=0.8771 -0.3148 -0.0126 -0.5926 1.2567 0.3815 -0.0871 0.1575 0.6632 -0.4678 0.8485 0.4548                                                                                                                                                               
-TIFF-IFD0:ColorMatrix2=0.7924 -0.191 -0.0777 -0.8226 1.5459 0.2998 -0.1517 0.2199 0.6818 -0.7242 1.1401 0.3481                                                                                                                                                                
-TIFF-IFD0:ForwardMatrix1=0.7458 0.0978 0.0841 0.0366 0.3681 0.6541 -0.1708 0.1486 0.0904 -0.6931 1.1056 0.3222                                                                                                                                                                
-TIFF-IFD0:ForwardMatrix2=0.728 0.2722 0.0204 -0.0563 0.396 0.6731 -0.2624 0.1933 0.0327 -0.2171 0.9509 0.0586                                                                                                                                                                 
-TIFF-IFD0-SubIFD:CFARepeatPatternDim=2 2
-TIFF-IFD0-SubIFD:CFAPattern2=0 3 1 2
-TIFF-IFD0-SubIFD:DefaultCropOrigin=11 6
-TIFF-IFD0-SubIFD:DefaultCropSize=3264 2448
-TIFF-IFD0-SubIFD:ActiveArea=0 5 2460 3293
-TIFF-IFD0-SubIFD:MaskedAreas=0 3293 2460 3341
    { // Quality X
        "make_model": [ "SONY DSC-F828" ],
        "dcraw_matrix": [ 7924,-1910,-777,-8226,15459,2998,-1517,2199,6818,-7242,11401,3481 ]

(Hermann-Josef) #5

@Morgan_Hardwood : Thank you for trying. So my suspicion is correct that the problem is due to the filter combination. A workaround is to use the RAW-converter in PhotoShopElements and convert it to a 16bit-TIF.


(Pat David) #6

Can you also please upload a sample to
This will help it get picked up in regression testing for rawspeed, and make @LebedevRI happy.

(Hermann-Josef) #7


(Morgan Hardwood) #8

By the way, I tried using a DCP from Adobe DNG Converter and it the colors a cyan shade of green. Perhaps it inverted some channels. It looked bad, but maybe that’s a clue. Though I don’t expect anyone to spend time investigating an arcane, old and dead format.

(lee) #9

darktable opens it as linear Rec709 RGB and displays it properly, although the thumbnail is a bit odd. darktable also does distortion correction for the lens.

In RawTherapee 5.0 it looks OK with Color Management ‘Input profile’ set to ‘no profile’.

(Roman Lebedev) #10


By the way, I tried using a DCP from Adobe DNG Converter and it the colors a cyan shade of green.

That camera is a very rare oddball - it has RED-GREEN-BLUE-YELLOW(!) CFA pattern.
darktable does have rudimentary support for such 4-color bayer cameras.

(Alberto) #11

as @lee said, using no profile seems to work. But also using any DCP or ICC profile other than the “proper” one (as found in the Adobe DNG converter) seems to give reasonable colors… weird

I can only speak for myself of course, but indeed this is as far as I’m going :slight_smile:

(Ingo Weyrich) #12

Sony F828 is not supported correctly in RT. This is also the case for some other old Cameras (like Nikon D1x for example). As I have thousands of D1x raw files on my storage, I would like to solve the D1x issues before the F828 issues.
But of course if someone is willing to solve the F828 issues, I won’t have objections :slight_smile:

(Hermann-Josef) #13

Good morning,

thanks for all the feedback. With a workaround available there is, to my opinion, no high priority. I was just curious, if I made a mistake. The use of raw format with this camera is also hampered by the fact that storage time is very long.