Using the 'advanced' tab filters

Anyone have a clue how and when to use the ‘advanced’ filters in filter tab?

Help is appreciated.

Assuming you are talking about the filter tab in the File Browser.

Turn it on, tick the section(s) you want and set the criteria.

Here’s an example that selects RAWs with an aperture between f/5.6 and f/8 that have the cr2 or cr3 extension:

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by advanced, to be honest.

I was referring to the ‘advanced’ tab from the ‘processing filters’ - Since the 3.8 version is my first, I’m not sure if we’re referring to one and the same or not. It holds a filters like ‘Retinex’ and ‘Residual Image’, it also hold more familiar filters like ‘edge sharpness’. I could not find on Youtube anyone that demonstrated how and when to use these and others under this particular tab…

-I hope that my attempt at clarification was successful.

I’m not aware of anybody having done an article/video about the Retinex module, there’s a lengthy article on RawPedia about it but I’m not so sure it is all that helpful. Bit technical. Best way to tackle this one is to give it a try. This one has rather specific uses and isn’t all that easy to use (easy to create artefacts, halos and other ugliness). This from the article:

The use of Retinex might be beneficial to images processing:

    that are hazy, misty or having a veil of fog
    with important luminance gaps
    where the user looks for special effects (tone mapping …)

CIE Colour Appearance Model is wel documented in RawPedia.

This single module is basically a complete L*a*b* based editor in and of itself.

BTW: This module has an overlap with the new Colour Appearence (Cam16&JzCzHz) tool in the Local Adjustments tab.

Wavelet Levels, at least the basics, have been touched upon by Andy Astbury in his RwTherapee videos:

As the tab says: These are advanced tools and they do need some practise, getting used to and an understanding of the underlying methods used. If you are new to RawTherapee I would suggest you ignore them for the time being until you’re more familiar with how RawTherapee works.

If you do have specific questions about certain parts: Just ask.

Thank Jade_NL,
I might try them just to try and make sense of them, and how they affect my “work”.
Wavelet is a powerful if very leaning intensive tool (at least what I learned in DT).
It can be very effective as well as very destructive - depending on its different parameters.

-Anyways thanks for your answer - will do.


These 3 modules (Ciecam, Retinex, Wavelets) were made by me (jacques Desmis) , with of course the help of other developers to improve my (bad) code, and of contributors to make the documentation.

Of course they are complex and almost inexistent (or at non comparable levels) in other software

But once you get past the “what’s this crap, what’s it for, etc.” stage, you’ll discover tools with great possibilities .


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Thanks jdc,
1st for your contribution.
2nd for your reply.
As stated, I’m willing to take the time to try and figure them out, and if I get to a point where I can provide a clear and coherent explanation, maybe I will make a youtube contribution to RT.

For your information, there are the same modules in “Local adjustments”

  • Ciecam (simplified) with addition of JzCzHz (and a first HDR approach)
  • Retinex which can be combined with Dehaze,
  • Wavelet which I think performs better than Wavelet main


Thanks jdc,
It will take me some time to try them out, but I promise I will.