V!ctor+Tools+2.0v1 ported to Natron.

I am not a coder but Im writing to propose if someone could make the V_Salte tool
from V!ctor+Tools+2.0v1 by Victor Perez ported to Natron.
Is tool to create advanced slates with lots of information about the playblast.

This would probably be something Natron missed but there is a possibility to incorporate.
The tools are totally open source, and free to use and distribute according to Victor himself, whom I spoke to before writing this post.
I am unfortunately not a coder, so any help would be great.

P.S. I also posted it on the community plugins site, but I post it here as well for visibility.



What is “V!ctor+Tools+2.0v1 by Victor Perez”? Can’t find any info when searching online.

Victor Perez, this is him ? xD


I’ve just downloaded the plugin and although it is open source the code appears to be heavily tied to Nuke (e.g. one file uses VictorMenu = nuke.menu('Nuke').addMenu('V!ctor')). So, porting it to Natron would require a complete rewrite. If it were an OpenFX plugin it might be easier.

It is not even C++ that I was thinking at first…

I think the starting point could be VSlate, rather than going through all the tools.
VSlate is a slate tool very well written and so useful for dailies.
If anybody could, probably there would be value in that at least to have a review template.


Did anyone tried? If not, I’ll give it a go! Just don’t want to start if someone if already working on it.

No one’s tried it so please go ahead :wink:

Hello there,

Any news on this? :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for helping those of us that can´t code.


Sorry for the late answer! I did start the gizmo I do think it’s doable but I can’t work on it right now I can share what I’ve got if someone wants to finish it!

Yes please do share!

vslaye.ntp (403.2 KB)

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