V1405 Nova Cassiopeiae 2021

Head ups for this new moon: there is a bright nova in Cassiopeia on a ver nice neighborhood. Within a 1 square degree you got a rich open cluster (M52), a nice emisión nebula with a well defined shape (Bubble nebula) and the nova.

And talking about the nova… it has a very powerful Ha emission that merges with a whitish hight temperature continuum spectra to produce a pink star!. Here I’ve dialed 200 on color saturation and you can see how the other stars are blue / white / yellow / orange as usual, but the nova has a pink tint on it.

15x240" on a 85/600 refractor using ASI533MC OSC camera from a Bortle 8/9 sky. Preprocessed, stacked, color balance and asinh transform on SiriL. Final cosmetic touches on Affinity Photo.

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Wow that’s nice! Thanks for the share, nice shot!

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