vector layer masks

I mean to ask whether GIMP has anything resambling the Vector Layer Mask option in Photoshop.

Whereas layer masks let you create soft-edged masks in Photoshop CS6, vector masks create hard-edged masks defined by shapes created by a vector path on a layer. Vector-based shapes produce clean, smooth, and well-defined edges that are never jagged. And you can size and transform vector shapes without ever degrading the appearance of the element. You create a vector mask when you create a shape with any one of the shape tools. You can also create a vector mask when you convert type to a shape. (Choose Layer→Type→Convert to Shape.)

First result from my web search:

Newer tutorial for GIMP 2.10.x:

That isn’t vector mask at all. It’s interpolating vector into pixel, and masking using pixel info, you would need to use pen tool over and over again. Vector mask equivalence in FOSS exist only in Krita for now. Create vector layer set to destination in mode or inherit alpha over a vector layer. You can resize, and the vector info still is there. But, this isn’t vector mask like in Photoshop at all, but closer.

Yes, Krita is probably the way to go. I am just showing the closest GIMP can offer. I am sure it is on the to-do list. If not, someone can make the suggestion. :wink:

I still have yet to try Krita. :stuck_out_tongue:

@afre I haven’t used Krita yet either, though have seen some lovely artwork made with it (unfortunately not the type of art I make so oh well…). I was mostly curious, cause it seemed like a nice feature, as I found in this tutorial for Double Exposure Effect

@Reptorian thanks for the explanation. I didn’t think there was a direct equivalent in Gimp, but was hoping still :slight_smile:

I do remember a wishlist report for this thing on GIMP. A lot of thing to do to make GIMP viable for more people.

i think Gimp is viable enough; especially now with 32bit support. It’s just little things that would make things nicer …icings on the cake :slight_smile:

We’re not talking about individuals, but people at large. GIMP isn’t yet viable for certain people at all.

Gimp is plenty viable for people at large. It may not meet all of your needs, but is plenty viable for most.

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Plenty viable for most people, yes. But, to some, GIMP doesn’t meet their needs where proprietary programs does at this stage. But, over time, the gap does reduce. Though, I have to admit most people aren’t graphic designers or related areas or anything that most likely need complete non-destructive workflow, so GIMP is fine for most people. For many of those people, there’s things like Paint Shop Pro, Affinity suites, Pixelmator Pro, Adobe Suites.

@Reptorian itll indeed be nice when it’s all entirely non destructive. adjusment layers and all. in the meantime i’mma enjoy what we got

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Reducing the gap is part of why we have each year.

There’s a gimp branch with vector layers but there’s some problems with it and it needs some love. i could also see being able to use bezier paths as a mask, which might need less work, but needs someone to do the programming.

Non-destructive workflows are planned for gimp, of course.